Batting a Thousand, a Screenplay Act II part III


Fade to:

Shawn at first base and the ball is hit to him and he tags the


Another batter comes up and the pitcher throws a pitch that is

hit into left field where it is caught by the outfielder.

Fade to:

One of Shawn’s teammates at the plate and he hit’s a base


Shawn steps up to the plate and the pitcher throws a ball

way outside.

The catcher is standing up, they’re pitching around him.

Fade to:

Shawn stands on first and the batter hit’s a ball to the shortstop

and they throw a double play.

Fade to:

A Yankees player stands at home plate and the pitcher throws

a pitch down the middle.

The batter hits it out of the park.

Fade to:

Shawn at the plate looking at the score board, Senators 0,

Yankees 1.

Bottom of the ninth, two outs. Shawn looks in front of him

and sees a teammate on second base.

The pitcher winds up and delivers a pitch, one swing and

Shawn connects with ball.

It flies far. He runs fast and when he rounds first he sees

the ball land deep in left field, it didn’t go over.

He sees his teammate scoring, and he rounds second when he can

see the ball being picked up.

He looks at the third base couch waving him on.

He puts his head down and runs.

He rounds third and when he gets close to home he sees the

catcher tense up, the ball is coming in.

He throws his body down and slides.

He slides through the catcher but his knee hit’s the

catchers cleat and he reaches down to grab it.

He notices it is covered in blood, all he sees is the Umpire

standing over him with his arms out.



Shawn sits on a park bench with a jacket on, the fall leaves are

bright and covering the ground.

He sits there with a cup of coffee, relaxing.

He watches some geese swim around in a pond.

When he hears a woman’s voice behind him.

ANGEL: Shawn?

He turns around to see Angel standing there with a cup of

coffee also.

She walks around the park bench and sits down beside Shawn.

ANGEL: Is this seat taken?

SHAWN: It is now.

ANGEL: How’s the knee?

SHAWN: Fine, I’ll be out the rest of the playoffs, but no problems for next season.

ANGEL: Well that is good. How is Megan?

SHAWN: Fine. She wants to get married.

ANGEL: That sounds great. I am happy for you, it is what you always wanted.

SHAWN: Why do you do that?

ANGEL: Do what?

SHAWN: Act like everything is fine between us, like nothing happened.

ANGEL: I don’t act like nothing happened, I just know that it is best to not bring it up. We can’t be together and we both know that.


ANGEL: Because it is easier.

SHAWN: How hard is it just to do what is in your hearts?

ANGEL: Maybe you should ask yourself that question.

SHAWN: I loved you.

ANGEL: I know you did, but you chose Megan and I chose not to leave Charles.

Angel gets up and pauses,

ANGEL: Good luck in the rest of the series, and I hope you can be happy just being my friend.

She strolls away, slow, up the paved path away from the



Shawn sits in the dugout in uniform but he is just watching the


Shawn looks at the scoreboard.

It is the bottom of the eighth inning, Yankees lead 5-0.

Shawn then puts his head in his hands as he watches a teammate

pop up to get another out.

The Senators head out onto the field. Shawn is helpless

sitting in the dug out watching the action from the bench.

The pitcher throws a strike down the middle, and then two


Three strikes in a row. One down.

The next batter comes to the plate and waits for the pitch, it too

is across the plate and a strike.

Then one to the outside, strike.

One low, strike.

Six pitches and two outs.

The next guy comes to the plate, he is the biggest hitter on

the team, he is huge.

He steps in the box and the pitcher wastes no time, one

pitch, fastball down the middle.

The batter swings, boom! It is high and long. It could be

gone, but the left fielder makes a stunning catch over the


Three outs.

The Senators leave the field.

Ready to win the game.

One batter runs to the plate. He waits for the pitch and

then he gets it.

Down the middle, he connects with the ball and it goes over the

first basemen’s head and falls short in the outfield. Base


Vaughn comes up to bat and he draws four balls in a row,

they walk him intentionally. He moves to first.

Runners on first and second.

The next batter comes up and pops up but he moves the

runners to second and third.

The next batter comes up and he waits for the pitch.

The pitcher waits and waits and finally decides on a pitch.

He delivers and the batter lays down a bunt up the third

base line.

The runner on third begins to run but sees the catcher get

the ball.

He heads back and slides into third.

The bases are loaded and the next batter comes up.

He waits for the pitch, he gets it and slams it deep.


5-4. Winfield walks up to Shawn and sits down next to him.

WINFIELD: How do you feel?

SHAWN: You want to play me?

WINFIELD: Pitcher is up after the next batter. We could use you. They will probably pitch around Garcia knowing that we don’t have a pitcher left in the bullpen, so we shouldn’t pinch hit. But I say fuck it. Either way we’re going home tonight without a win, I say give’em a show. This why you’re not on the DL tonight.

SHAWN: I’m game. What’s one time going to hurt?

WINFIELD: Good, when they walk Garcia I’ll sub you, don’t move until then.

SHAWN: Okay.

Winfield is right when, Garcia steps to the plate the

catcher stands up and moves to the outside of the plate,

after his four pitches Garcia trots to first base.

The pitcher starts to walk to the batters box when Winfield

hollers at the Ump and they have a meeting.

Shawn stands up and walks out of the dug out.

The fans go crazy.

He picks up a bat laying on the ground near the on deck circle.

He, strolls to the batters box with the crowd screaming.

Shawn steps in, rubs his foot in the ground to get good

traction with his cleats.

He puts the bat on his shoulder and waits for the pitch. He

looks down the line and sees Garcia leading off.

He sees the pitch coming and watches it go by him in the


UMPIRE: Ball one.

The next pitch comes.

He swings and connects the ball is soaring, it could be a

homerun, and then it starts to hook left, like a bad golfers

tee shot. It sails just past the pole on the foul side.

The next pitch is delivered and Shawn can’t get a read on it

and watches it fly by, down the middle, strike.

The pitcher cocks his head to the side and waits.

He finally nods and the pitch is delivered.

He swings and with a mighty blow he cracks the ball hard,

the bat splintering into a thousand pieces. The ball is

flying high and deep into centerfield, and Shawn is running

hard to first when he sees the centerfielder make a huge

catch as the ball starts to sail over the wall.



Ben sits at his desk, feet kicked back and his keyboard on his


He hears a knock on the door.

BEN: Come in.

Shawn enters the room.

He carries his head low. He sits in his usual chair, and flops

his head back into the seat, hard.

SHAWN: Yeah?

BEN: Well the season is over, what do you plan to do for the next four months?

SHAWN: I don’t know, I thought about heading to Mexico for a few days with Megan. She has a shoot down there and asked me to go, she said she would be working a lot but there was plenty for me to do on my own.

BEN: I think that is wonderful idea. Sipping margarita’s on the beach while I’m freezing my ass off.

SHAWN: Is that why you called me here? There is bad news isn’t there, I could hear it in your voce. I have known you for too long Ben.

BEN: They decided not to let St. John go and they’re going to play him next year, after he heals.

SHAWN: So he’s got first, where am I? I can’t play outfield and they’re not letting Garcia go at third, he had a hell of a year.

BEN: Roosters.

SHAWN: What, but I have a contract.

BEN: They are honoring it, they put you back down, and bring you up when they need you.

SHAWN: So I’m not full starter?

BEN: No.

SHAWN: So what are my other options?

BEN: As of now, Mexico. Let me work on it and I will give you a call in a couple of days. Maybe I can find another team.


Shawn opens the door slowly and quietly, he places the keys on

a table near the door and enters the living room.

He turns a corner and makes his way to the kitchen.

He opens the fridge and pulls out a beer twisting the cap.

He makes his way down the hallway to the bedroom when he pauses.

He hears moaning coming from the bedroom, he opens the door

and sees Megan nude on top of her modeling partner. She

throws her head back and sees Shawn standing in the doorway.

He looks at the beer bottle in his hand and he throws it with everything

he has and the bottle shatters against the wall just above

the headboard.

He turns and walks out of the apartment.]

Megan doesn’t even follow.


Shawn steps off of the elevator and into the waiting room of Ben’s

office, he doesn’t see Holly so he makes his way down the

hall to Ben’s office.

He sees Ben’s light on and doesn’t knock, he just walks in.

Shawn steps back when he sees Ben on top of Holly on his desk.

Shawn again doesn’t say anything. Holly sees him about the

time he walks in and screams.

He turns, slamming the door behind him.

He can hear Ben pleading with Holly to stay where she is.

The door opens and Ben comes flying out, buttoning his pants

as he runs down the hall trying to catch Shawn before he

gets on the elevator.

Shawn just watches as the door closes in Ben’s face.


Shawn is about to get into his car when he hears Ben calling

for him.

He doesn’t turn, but instead, just stands there, waiting.

Ben finally reaches him out of breath.

BEN: Shawn, I’m sorry.

SHAWN: For what? I’m not the one you are cheating on.

BEN: I’m sorry you had to see that.

SHAWN: Not because you are betraying Abigail, but because I had to see that, how selfish are you? I thought I knew you. I would expect this from Kenny, but not you. I would have given anything to have what I thought you and Abigail had.

BEN: I already told her we had to end it, it only happened once, and she seduced me again. I Don’t know what to do.

SHAWN: Tell her and get some help. I will be here for you guys, but you better tell her or I will. I love you, but man your wrong on this one and I can’t let Abigail end up like me.

BEN: Like you?

SHAWN: She was with him tonight.

BEN: I am sorry.

SHAWN: I guess I will be freezing my ass off here with you.

The door from the office building to the parking garage

opens and Holly steps through it. She makes her way to her

car and gets in. Ben just watches.

BEN: She won’t be back.

SHAWN: You know it is for the best.

BEN: I know. Next time I am getting a sixty year old secretary.


Shawn stands in a golf shop looking at new clubs with Kenny and

Ben. He picks up a club and swings it, and places it back in

the rack and moves over to look at some putters.

KENNY: So, how are you holding up?

SHAWN: Pretty good I guess. Actually I am a little bothered by the fact that it didn’t take me long to get her out of my system.

BEN: What do you mean?

SHAWN: It’s been two months and I haven’t seen her, and I don’t care. I don’t wat to see her.

KENNY: Not even a little?

SHAWN: No, the times I do think about her are memories I don’t care to remember. I laugh at some things, but for the most part she is like a high school friend that went away to a different college and you almost forget about them. Every once in awhile you might think “I wonder how their doing” but the thought is gone almost as quick as it came.

BEN: That is great.

SHAWN: But Angel, on the other hand, I think about her all of the time.

BEN: She is still around, maybe you should give her a call.

SHAWN: Our last conversation wasn’t a pretty one. I think she hates me.

KENNY: She still wants to be friends, right?

SHAWN: Yeah.

KENNY: So be her friend.

SHAWN: I can’t. I love her. I thought I loved Megan, but I didn’t. I was comfortable and I as trying to please her. It was never about pleasing each other.

BEN: I say go find Angel and try again. If she is the one you love, you have to do it.

KENNY: (looking at his watch) Ben is right. I have to go.

Kenny leaves the pro shop and the door dings as he opens it.

BEN: So have you thought about

SHAWN: Sure, like what?

BEN: Do you want to play for the Roosters or should I be trying to find you a new home.

SHAWN: At the moment I will play for anyone who wants me. I would love to play pro, but if that can’t happen then I will play what I can.

BEN: I’ll have to see what I can come up with.


Shawn enters his apartment that he once shared with his girlfriend,

now it feels empty, even though there is still all of the

furniture inside.

He picks the mail up off of the table next to the door as he puts

down his keys.

As he flips through them we see a bill, another bill, a magazine,

and sale bill.

Then he comes to a envelope that is nicer than a bill or

junk mail.

It is ivory color and has calligraphy on the front, his name and

address, no return address.

He tears open the top and pulls out an even more impressive card,

it is an invitation.

He opens it and anger overcomes him.

He quickly makes his way to the kitchen and to the trash

can, where he tosses it in.

He picks up the phone, and dials a number by heart.

SHAWN: Ben, she’s getting married.

BEN’S VOICE(on Phone): Who?

SHAWN: Megan. And she sent me an invite.

Ben’S VOICE(on Phone): Are you going?



Shawn sits on the couch at Ben’s home with Ben, Abigail, Kenny

and Nicole.

It is Christmas time and the group sits around in sweaters, exchanging, and

sipping on wine.

Shawn hands Ben a gift, a small box wrapped in shiny red

paper and a gold bow. Ben opens the gift and is shocked by

what is inside.

He reaches in a pulls out a baseball.

BEN: What is it.

SHAWN: A baseball.

BEN: Thank you.

SHAWN: It is my first homerun ball.

BEN: I can’t take this. It means too much to you.

SHAWN: The way I see it is that I wouldn’t have that ball if it wasn’t for you.

BEN: Shawn,…

SHAWN: Take it.

ABIGAIL: ( standing) Anyone care for another glass of wine?

SHAWN: I’ll take one.

KENNY: What are your plans for the upcoming season?

SHAWN: What are you a reporter? I don’t like reporters.

KENNY: You liked one.

NICOLE: (standing ) Your such an asshole.

KENNY: What?



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