by raging hunger
Unable to think
Rotting monster mind
Wishing to feed
Tearing out the heart
Innocence be damn

The decay putrid
Slowly dying within
Its curse a ragged breath
Spewing vile words
Waging fear as war

rabid plague
Violence breeds
Hate breeds



Day Z (for zombie fans that is a intentional pun) for the A-to-z challenge.  I MADE IT! It’s official I finished my first A-to-z challenge and I have to say I rather enjoyed it.

Finishing with another poem on life and focusing on hate in the world the poem isn’t about literal zombies only the virus like ability for it to spread.

If I learned anything from the challenge it’s I want everyone to love and be kind to one another.

I want to thank all my new friends I met along the way.




Yell from the rooftops
Of jagged mountainous rocks
to the masses below
Gathered in flocks

Yell until their ears burn
Firey words from depths soul
Fight your battle tall
Never slink to a foxhole

Yell the love, the hope, freedom
Your view is not absurd
Shout it to the world
Let your voice be heard

Wow is Y upon us already. This challenge has flown by. My A-to-z challenge theme inadvertently turned into poems and photos about life and looking into ones self as well as the world around us.

This challenge has helped me do that same thing and often times it seems as though the negative things in the world flood out the positive.  Yell is a poem about making sure your voice is heard. Never let hatred stop you from saying what right and fighting for what is right.



Day X and we are almost done. I’m still amazed I made it this far. Here is my next installment in the A-to-z challenge.

Xenogogue is a word of Greek origin and it means “a guide”

Right from wrong
How to be a man
A father,

supernatural being,
higher power,
Great Creator,
A force built within
Guiding me
Whatever the answer
I have not

I have


I am thirsty
Begging for a drink
Of your lips moisture
A moisture that would flood me
Bringing life’s water and
Growing wildflowers in my soul

I am starving
Longing for a touch
of your warming glow
Heating my core and pumping
My blood through my
Heart that is yours

I would rather
Go deaf and never hear another
Bird chirp or a child’s laughter
Than to never hear your whispers
Soft and moist upon my ear

I would rather
go blind and never gaze upon
Another sunset or gracefully arching colors
After a spring rain
Than to to never peer into your
Eyes as they peer into mine

I would rather
Be nothing, lost among a crowd
Standing hid in sight of everyone
Invisible to even myself If I didn’t have you
I am forever yours, asking
Forever me mine


I wrote this a few months back and thought it would be good for the A-to-z challenge letter V. I almost did a character bio on one of my characters from my Perfect 200 page, Valentino, but decided that I wanted to stay with the poems or photography I have done throughout the challenge. Anyway I hope you all enjoy. Happy Friday.



First I would like to say that this A-to-z challenge has been a fun ride and I am excited that I have made it to R. I really didn’t know if I could do it but I’ve several ideas for upcoming letters. Maybe one that could give me some trouble (Z anyone).

It has been a worthwhile experience and a way to get me to writing poetry nearly everyday again. I spent several months focusing on my fiction and forgot how therapeutic poetry can be.


Words are bullets
cheap and remorseless
like an art form
A silvery tongue pawn shop
Their discontent
With life
Napalm actions from
Leaving fondations of love