In the sea

In the sea I saw a submarine
Its body cold and glistening
Off the shore’s east coast
Saw it in slumber comatose
Sun setting over ocean tangerine
An ominous and gloomy scene

pulling riptide swept away
Chaos stares licking tongue in Bay
Grotesque arm holding flag of war
His messenger sorrow swore
Ready to Devour it’s prey
The one’s whose name be light of day

Heavy eyes darting shifty gestures
Plotting catastrophic raptures
Sinking below to lesson learned
Council me with cleft concern
Consciousness speaks our words like scripture
Great pyrimid built to fracture


Adrenaline and Worms

I have just recently completed the second edit of “Worms” a creature horror screenplay and ready to start a rewrite. I have forgotten how much i love the screenplay format and plan to do more.

As for now I have been working on a new series of short stories. A vigilante hero facing big bads in each installment. I love the superhero genre but like to keep it based somewhat in reality like a Punisher or even Nolan’s Batman. “Adrenaline” is a hero with no powers but the addiction to thrill seeking that leads him to fighting crime for a high, but soon finds himself fighting for more than that.

I love creating universes for characters to live in almost as much as i like to create the characters themselves. Sometimes i find myself engrossed in the task of laying out plot points and get sidetracked from writing. It’s what I love about Serial Fiction.

Anyway, keep an eye out for all this stuff. I’m thinking of doing something special for my one of my followers once i complete the re-write for “Worms”.



The moon hung lazy in the night sky covered by a thin layer of fall clouds throwing low light to the earth. Cool damp air lay on my skin as I sat quiet beneath an orange maple tree, it’s leaves turning with the season. I liked being in the trees, it gave me visibility to the surrounding landscape and coverage from the passing motorists. I could see that the little dive bar on the corner and the alley just to the south gave me the perfect opportunity.

It didn’t take long for me to spot the pretty young thing leaving the bar at closing, her blond hair whipping in the cool breeze. Her porcelain skin glowed in the moonlight, and her long legs beneath her short skirt begged me to spread them. I followed close behind her, watching her as she glided just ahead. I couldn’t have been any luckier, she was headed directly toward the alley.

She reached the alley and to my surprise turned, making her way into the dark. I followed ready to pounce on my prey. As I stepped into the dark I lost the angel. My eyes surveyed the scene. My heart beating like a herd of thundering horses. I had done this more times than I could count but something felt wrong.  Did she lead me here? I got my answer when I saw saw a flash of white in the moonlight and the feel of those sharp white teeth digging into the soft juicy flesh of my neck.

The Girl in the Window

Every morning during his walk to school Billy waved a happy wave at the little girl in an upper window of the large house that sat on the corner of his block. He often wondered how she could look so nice with her face nearly gone from the fire that had ravaged through house two years ago killing everyone inside.