I’m running as a Hero

I don’t run by nature, it hurts and I’m old and out of shape but I want to do more than run — I want to help St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. That’s why I’m committed to raising funds as a St. Jude Hero. A chsnce to be like the characters I create, I’m ready to go the distance, but I need your support.

It costs $2 million a day to operate St. Jude. Did you know that 70% of the funds come from the public? That means your donation, no matter what the size, it will help! You can be a hero too.

Thanks to donors like you, no family ever receives a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food — because all a family should worry about is helping their child live. To give them love and support and the strength to fight and battle a terrible disease.

If you want to be my sidekick and help me support this wonderful hospital click cancer sucks to make a small donation. Any amount will help. Thank you to all the Warriors out there helping these children.

Thank you for helping me run for St. Jude.


American Monsters and How to Destroy Them – SoundCloud

Listen to American Monsters and How to Destroy Them by The Lemme Listen Podcasts #np on #SoundCloud

An improv mock radio show in the theme of Coast to Coast A.M. American Monsters is genius. The cast of characters are hilarious from the Chief of Police who is an alcohic Narcoleptic to John Earle who runs furniture store who is maybe, probably, most likely doing something shady after hours at on his property.

The story focuses on radio “host” and crypto- zoologist searching for a monster in his hometown with a cast of hometown idiots. Andy Griffith show meets Coast to Coast AM. Check it out.

To be Alive

Sulking fingers play
On shaky hands
The vile song of hate.
He breathes his fire,
Spouting fear with
Biggoted tongue.
He claims the “truth” resides
Among his yellowed paper
Of ancient script.
Those words, hateful words
Those meaning lost
Along the centuries of learning.
Oh I see, I see, it’s a terrible
“Light” blinds, blinds through war, through fear, through hate.
But it’s only a book, an ancient tale about a man.
Have you forgotten?
Forgotten what it’s like to be human, head and mind,
Guts and blood, love and compassion.
No you live by a book of
Love causing hate.
Yes, I find it ironic, in a sad parental like.
You say your master sings love into your heart,
Yet you bicker and fight as starved puppies over a crumb of bead.
Arguing over his word, terrified of those who don’t agree.
And I fear,
I fear the end.
Not of this life,
But of humanity.
Of a connection to the world, as brother and sister.
Not through a book but through our lives. Through our love.
That is what it should mean to be alive

Should writers use concept art?

Working on a project like the Adrenaline series has made me think a little about concept art. When I’m writing a crime drama like A New Man or some of the other stories set in the Pine Bluff universe it is fairly easy for me to visualize what I want a character to look like. For the most part it is a “real world” story and I see folks like I picture in the stories on a daily basis.

However, with a story like the Adrenaline series and the Perfect 200 series I have a harder time keeping hold of an idea of what the characters should look like. I know how they act and their emotional drives and goals but their looks, which may or may not play a role in the story, seems slip away at times. That is why I decided to try something new for me as a writer. I wanted concept art of the characters near me when I’m writing so I can get a feel for the characters, or to get inside what they are thinking and I thought that a picture of the character would help.

But where do I get a photo of a vigilante super hero with tracking down an artist? Two problems, 1 I couldn’t afford to pay one if I found one, 2 what ever concept they came up would still be their vision.

I thought about trying it myself but I have NO artistic ability, I couldn’t draw a straight line if I had to. Then I thought about photoshop. However, I am on the go a lot and I only get time here and there to work on either stories or the artwork. I found two apps that work pretty well I think. Check out this concept art of Adrenaline.  I will show the progression and let me know what you think.


First I found this picture on a free stock photo site, I do not advocate stealing artwork and they offer free stock photos for non commercial use as long as you manipulate it in some way, which I am doing. I am only posting the original to show the project from start to finish.


Next I found this one.


Next I cut around the mask to get rid of the black sheet on which the mask is laying.


Then I brought the photo into an editing app and added shadows and dirt and a little more blood splatter and saved it.


Next brought the first picture back into the same photo editing app.


I double exposed the mask over the mans face, softened the edges, added a few more shadows and a key light, and finally added a hint of smoke. I wish I could have softened the edge on the bottom of the mask in the chin area, but it isn’t bad. (Note 100% of this project was done on my mobile phone)

All in all it took about 90 minutes of total time.

I haven’t tested it in the writing process yet. I have completed Adrenaline: Gold Rush (read part one if you havent, rest will be up soon), and at the moment I am working on a couple other projects but I have several more stories planned for that universe.

So please let me know what you think. Do you like it, not like it? Would this benefit you as a writer or is the 90 minutes better spent on actual writing?

Apps I used
*pixlr (photo editor)
*edge tracer (removes unwanted areas from photo)

A decent site of free photos is morguefile.com

Heeeeee’s Baaaaaaaack

I have had an eventful summer, staying busy at work, and writing. I took an unintentional hiatus from WordPress, but I must say it was refreshing. I thought about where I wanted to take my writing career and on what type of writing I should focus. I kept an eye on most of my followers and the people I follow but just decided not to post anything. I wanted to stay focused on writing and I felt WordPress was taking up a lot of time.

During this time I finished another screenplay, have one completely plotted and I am working on the outline of another.

With all this being said I am returning with more stuff for you to read. I am planning a new project of short and less time consuming stories. I got caught up in the short stories and series of this blog, and it was fun, but I think it hindered my opportunity to find more readers as most where fairly long. So I am going to start a new series of flash fiction, 2 sentence stories, 100 words or less, and so on. I will do this micro – fiction and poetry and Maybe talk some more about my larger projects.

Anyway this is my plan, and I am excited about being back.


A-to-Z challenge complete


It’s official, I battled my way through the challenge, sometimes feeling defeat was merely a letter away. But alas my persistent aching to finish this challenge won out and I am a survivor.

I learned much about myself and about others in this process and am thankful I completed it. I cannot describe the feeling of accomplishment that I have, I feel I can do anything.

So with this behind me it is time to look to the future.  Things to come on my blog will be the exciting conclusion of the serial novel A New Man here, and the conclusion of the screenplay Batting a Thousand here.

After these conclusions I will be focusing on other installments for the serial Sci fi fantasy The Perfect 200 here, and the dystopia serial zombie thriller D Days here.

Hope to see you all very soon. And congratulations to all that survived the challenge.

One year and many more to come

Nearly one year ago I went on a road trip with a friend who is a journalist and we got to talking about writing and how I wished there was some way for me to find an audience for my writings and my poetry. He said to me, “have you ever thought of blogging?” I hadn’t, in fact the word never crossed my mind and I never envisioned the great authors and poets  blogging. What would Hemingway’s blog look like or Tolstoy, or Woolf or Whitman. Would e.e. Cummings have a blog about his culinary adventures during his time in Paris. I thought not. But the more I got to thinking about it the more I realized that I wasn’t them and now wasn’t then.

Today’s market is different than theirs and for me the main goal of a writer is to be read, because without that what is the point. I believe I have achieved that goal because I have made several friends and meant hundreds of people throughout my year here and I am grateful for each and every one. With out that little grain of an idea planted into my head by a dear friend that grew into a nearly 200 post blog I don’t believe I would be where I am today. I owe a lot to him. Granted I still don’t have a million dollar contract but I am happy writing everyday and sharing my crazy world with all of you other crazy people.

I have a lot going on and a lot planned for this blog so hope that people stick with me. In honor of my one year anniversary I am going to challenge myself with the A-to-Z challenge more than likely it will be a poetry challenge for me because I have focused recently on my fiction, primarily The Perfect 200 series and the Pine Bluff Mystery Series.

I hope to see you all for at least another year,

Here is the link the challenge if anyone else is interested in joining me.

WordPress Formatting?

I absolutley love wordpress and all its fantasticness. With that being said I have some formatting issues. I do not write on wordpress except my poems so all my short stories or scripts or serial novels I write on various programs. Then when I try to move them to wordpress I inevitably spend twenty to thirty minutes reformatting and still most times unable to get it right as with the script.

I would like to reach out to you my wordpress friends and ask for tips and pointers on making it easier to transfer my writings to this blog.