Walls rise around
Adolescent heart wearing large shoes
Tied by ropes unbound
Trepidation suffuse

Like tickling fingers play ivory Ballade
Nimble and gentle raze
Slowly falling facade
Tender is a heart without faze

Imponderably fated
Choice is ours to charm
Fastidious or elated
Leaves me disarmed


Holly and a winter tree


Snow falls from gray sky
landing on bare winter bone
Settles on holly


We had a light dusting last night and this was my view from my front yard as I left the house to walk to work. I love winter.

Heeeeee’s Baaaaaaaack

I have had an eventful summer, staying busy at work, and writing. I took an unintentional hiatus from WordPress, but I must say it was refreshing. I thought about where I wanted to take my writing career and on what type of writing I should focus. I kept an eye on most of my followers and the people I follow but just decided not to post anything. I wanted to stay focused on writing and I felt WordPress was taking up a lot of time.

During this time I finished another screenplay, have one completely plotted and I am working on the outline of another.

With all this being said I am returning with more stuff for you to read. I am planning a new project of short and less time consuming stories. I got caught up in the short stories and series of this blog, and it was fun, but I think it hindered my opportunity to find more readers as most where fairly long. So I am going to start a new series of flash fiction, 2 sentence stories, 100 words or less, and so on. I will do this micro – fiction and poetry and Maybe talk some more about my larger projects.

Anyway this is my plan, and I am excited about being back.




Yell from the rooftops
Of jagged mountainous rocks
to the masses below
Gathered in flocks

Yell until their ears burn
Firey words from depths soul
Fight your battle tall
Never slink to a foxhole

Yell the love, the hope, freedom
Your view is not absurd
Shout it to the world
Let your voice be heard

Wow is Y upon us already. This challenge has flown by. My A-to-z challenge theme inadvertently turned into poems and photos about life and looking into ones self as well as the world around us.

This challenge has helped me do that same thing and often times it seems as though the negative things in the world flood out the positive.  Yell is a poem about making sure your voice is heard. Never let hatred stop you from saying what right and fighting for what is right.



First I would like to say that this A-to-z challenge has been a fun ride and I am excited that I have made it to R. I really didn’t know if I could do it but I’ve several ideas for upcoming letters. Maybe one that could give me some trouble (Z anyone).

It has been a worthwhile experience and a way to get me to writing poetry nearly everyday again. I spent several months focusing on my fiction and forgot how therapeutic poetry can be.


Words are bullets
cheap and remorseless
like an art form
A silvery tongue pawn shop
Their discontent
With life
Napalm actions from
Leaving fondations of love


Day 15 of the A-to-z challenge the letter is O! A little poem for all those who are oppressed. Whether it is because of your race or your sex or your sexual orientation or your religious beliefs or lack thereof. Some of us are oppressed by inner demons.

Hands bound
Unable to reach
Eyes blinded
Unable to see
Feet in concrete
Unable to flee
Voice locked
Unable to scream
Forced to believe
Forced to concede
Oppressed by man
Oppressed by life