Strings pull at icy hearts
As warm hand melt with touch
Begging not to be unravelled
Instead hiding in a tangled ball of knots
Kept silent by fear and anger
Looking for something of wonder
It comes at a glance, however
From out of sky blue
Like a boulder hitting with
A tapping thud to the head
Because her smile is the rocket
That takes to the moon
And beyond to exploding supernovas
Her moist lips like geyser mouth
Softly kissing granite cheeks and
Crumbling them to powder
Whispers of I love you in ear
Touch the very pounding life force
And interrupts its beating rythmic beats Her genes and coding make her eyes her hair her kissing lips
Her heart makes me …. me


Hopeless Wanderer

Moving so fast yet standing still,
Peering to past and future atop sandy hill.
Questions unknown to answers seeking,
Memories fading like autumn leafy.
Aggresive degression betrayal of mind,
A familiar stranger’s touch seems so kind.
Missing the moisture a lovers kiss gives,
Unaware where her conscience lives.
Her ragged sun is low in the west,
Behind are their days of best.
The Disease pushes two asunder,
Leaving each as a Hopeless Wanderer.