Cool feet


Rainy morning grass
Leafy green drinks lifes nectar
Cool on my bare feet


Playlist Hiaku

Nine songs from my playlist that I thought made a good hiaku

Dog days are over
What a wonderful world
Flowers in your hair

What’s a boy to do
Where we gonna go from here
Nothing left to lose

Georgia on my mind
New York City’s killing me
You wont let me go

My Love

My Love,

here comes the rain

Have you ever wondered

what else you

would have me be

Is it because

I won’t give up

Lingering like

a ghost

I am brought

to something more

dreams of your

loving arms

My Love

here comes the sun

and its

twisting fate

singing Hallelujah

to a history

of lovers

I thought I held you

as we slept

“say something”

at least that is

what you said

My Love

here comes the light

shining upon a

mad world

my only wish

to hold you in

my arms

jagged forces

keep me at bay

gripping day

clinging to

your face

wasted time wishing

My Love

here comes the night

alone with time


it is but a circle

clinging to everything

my mind

nearly empty

dwelling only with



Reblogging this from a few months ago. Making some moves in my life and keeping those dreams alive.

hughiegibson author

Laid upon cracking ground
On a bedroll of filth
We keep them around
Sparaticly dusting the silt

Hoping for a Phoenix through decay
As wishes fail
And words say
To no avail

Watching the childish visions
Dance a happy dance
Whilst not these missions
End in glorious stance

Gray causes lost dreams
To bubble and resurface
Placed amoung streams
Forgetting the rat race

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Through a Winters Tree


Through a winters tree
A moons gaze down
Upon a soltice eve
She the answer to the nights light
Fickle are her feelings
Timid to hide or flight

Holding in her our burdens
Illuminating with silvery halo
Planting the seeds gardens
Spring is beyond the heavy air
Underneath the frozen snow
Sprouting saplings that repair

We are but tourists to the cold
Soon Waking from the icy slumber
Glorious site behold
Staring with her glowing eye
Through a winters tree
The tourists gaurdian until we die

*found picture via google images, I’m not that good a photographer*