Through a Broken Window

Through a broken window
just inside my view
The sky shining bright
Lit up in boisterous hue
His colors linger and mock me
Teasing, I only get the gray
I can hear him laughing
You lost again as if to say

I am no one
So nay Elysain Fields await
Upon the uneven still I trod
With a weary weathered gate
I hear not his voices lecture
Smacking of punished backhanded
I’m not of His fold
They claim me a sinner branded

I may stay here among the lost
Stuck between two worlds
My life holds one truth
I wasn’t without morals
Stand there and tell them I am wrong
Ears open sitting along the pew
Mine eyes upon His earth
Through my broken window view


Across a Crowded Room

Upon a stealthy alcove
Across a crowded room
Deep into my world you dove
Peering as love began to loom

Calling forth my rapture
My heart no longer vacant
Falling, your arms did capture
Wrapping warmth like a winters blanket

I am brought thither
By your lustful gaze
This blossom shall never wither
Growing ever more all my days