The Perfect 200, Enter Sandman issue 4 of 4



A faint light from his cell phone made it all but impossible to see in the dark room that once housed the penthouse at The Tower. One of the largest residential buildings in the city and for only the elite. Daniel Martin was an elite, or rather used to be an elite. The scribbles on the wall gave me a good clue as to who the killer had been and who most likely had been my spy. But I damn sure wasn’t about to tell Detective Kyle Harper the information. For one I know he couldn’t take the answer I would give him. And for another it would only get him hurt.

“Okay, I will tell him,” Kyle said before he placed the phone in his pocket. “I’m afraid your ex-wife isn’t at home Alan. Anywhere else she might be?”

“Not that I am aware of.”

“Why did you think that your wife might be in danger Mr. Valentino?”

“My line of work doesn’t make many friends Detective,” but again I couldn’t tell him it had been because of the thoughts that I had of her while the spy watched me. I had no proof that she was in any danger but the fear popped up anyway. If Lucian in fact had spied on me, why?

“I understand that son,” he said. “So you don’t think you know who that might be. The Hitman? You haven’t heard the name before?”

“I’m sorry Kyle I haven’t.”

He thanked me and I left the scene alone. I had no idea why Lucian would want to kill this Demon King, a member of the 200, one of our fellow followers. I knew why I had wanted him dead but had Lucian made the same deal. I knew one thing about Lucian, he wouldn’t go after this man unless someone paid him, and they would have had to pay him well.

As I slid one foot into my car a blinding light shot through the car and out into the city street. Her beauty breathtaking, Marlie sat in the passenger seat, her hands to her side and looking straight ahead. She had no other color and looked like a feminine shaped blue light. But the shape held that of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. A small button of a nose, long flowing hair and a slim fit body. She had no need to showcase herself like this for me I knew what she was and pure energy had no shape. But I guess it put me at ease.

That was until she spoke. “Alan, she has been taken.” Her voice sounded like a thousand angel choir singing, but the words made me feel entirely different.

“By who?” I asked as I slid the rest of the way into the car and closed the door. We had parted ways in order to keep her safe. This was never supposed to happen.

“I don’t know, its being blocked. All I’m getting is a location. It’s at a warehouse south of the city, near the river. If it is being blocked Alanesis, it has to be one of the 200.”

“Did Lucian kill Daniel?”

“You know the answer to that Alan. But he does not have her.”

“It isn‘t Lucian?”

“No. I saw Lucian. He is on his way there. Lucian is but a pawn in this game.”

“So I guess His deal is off?”

“I think if this truly is a member of the 200 he may overlook this one error.”

Pulling out of The Tower parking lot I noticed Marlie disappeared as quickly as she arrived. A bright dissipating light left me with only a general location, but that gave me more information than I needed.


The room behind my office held weapon after weapon and while it offered a huge variety for the killing of humans or nephilim, guns, swords, bow and arrows. But there was one item that I needed in order to destroy the person who had Cassie. From what Marlie had told me it had to be an angel or a fallen, either way it would take The Blade.

The Blade was my Excalibur. Although not as large the great mythical sword, she did the job. 10 inches of narrow forged metal came to a thick gold front bolster and pearl handle that led to the gold rear bolster which curved slightly around my hand. She had been dipped in the sweet perfume of the Qeres, a scent blessed by the creator himself and which some believe the Egyptians used in the process for mummification. The truth in fact was that he created it for the sole propose of killing angels, the Fallen and the 200 more specifically. It was then given the angels Michael and Rafael to destroy us. I happened to get my hands on some and made myself weapon. And if Lucian had killed Daniel then he would have had to dip his arrow head into the Qeres or he had found a new way to dispose of a Fallen. Either way I wasn’t comfortable because something told me someone had a price tag on my head.

No matter, I was headed south of town looking for Cassie.


I could feel the eyes watching me, that uncomfortable feeling I got in the parking lot. Lucian, I was sure, and his deadly bow were nearby. The Blade began to glow but was it because of Lucian or was Cassie’s captor nearby. She would glow to alert me to the presence of an angel, and Lucian was beginning to make this difficult.

Pulling the car into a small warehouse which appeared to be abandoned, I noticed it looked like the perfect place to take a kidnap victim. Tall grass stood five feet in the air and blocked most of the door. The once heavily used loading dock now sunk down into the ground in a reverse ramp had long ago been flooded and held stagnant water and gang graffiti. A rusty tin roof littered with holes held no sign of shelter, allowing the weather invade the building.

My foot splashed in a puddle as I stepped out into the dark, the only light given was the glow of The Blade as it shined through the sheath at my side. Two silver 9mm in my hands for protection. They wouldn’t kill an angel but the silver plated bullets would get rid of any lackeys he might have.

The sense that someone was watching me came flooding back. Someone defiantly held watch over this place. I had to be close. Or close to a trap. I had to admit that I was aware of the fact that this could all be a trap to lure me out into the open. Why would Lucian do this to me? What could he possibly gain from killing me?

An arrow flew past my face sticking into the side of the building. I saw it blinking and then BOOM!!! It exploded sending debris flying everywhere and large graffiti wall came tumbling down sending dust into the air. Suddenly a fist landed along the side of my face and I saw black.


Cool water slapped against my face as I came to, lying in a pool of water with the sprinkler from the fire suppression system throwing water at me like a garden hose. I scanned the interior of the building and saw only darkness and a few rusty pieces of equipment and bare shelves. I tuned out the sound of splashing water and tried to focus on any sound that might let me know where my attacker lay in wait. I knew it to be Lucian from the arrow, I had seen those many times throughout my long life. I also knew he missed on purpose.

“Hello, Alanesis. How does it feel to be on the losing end of a battle? I must say that I was hoping for more of a fight.”

I didn’t recognize the voice. “What do you want and where is Cassie?”

“With my brother.”

What did that mean?

“Alan, I hate to do this but he is paying me an awful lot of money.” Lucian said. I still didn’t see him but he sounded closer than the other Demon.

“Lucian, Why are you working for this joker?”

“Alan, he is the strongest Fallen I have ever met. He came to me in my sleep.”

The only demons I knew that could invade dreams were succubus and incubus but Lilith was the only one powerful enough to hold power over Lucian and frighten him. And I knew the person out there was not Lilith.

“Who are you then, if you are so strong.”
“Lets just call me The Sandman, Alan.”

“And who is The Sandman?” I felt around for The Blade but she no longer sat in her home at my side. I still had my guns but I assume that was because they knew they would do me no good.

“Are you looking for your knife, Alan?” Lucian said.

“You know me well, Lucian. We were once friends.”

“We were until I asked for your help and you denied me.”

“I couldn’t Lucian, you know that.”

“But you could go after Daniel this time? Your morals have softened I guess.”

“This is about me getting back in. He promised me.”

“HAHAHAHAHA, He promised you?!” The sandman screamed. “He promised me a lot of things as well. A lot of things that he never delivered. He is a liar, Alan. A liar.”

“What do you want with me then?” I asked. Still scrambling for the knife.

“Revenge. I would have had my own kingdom once. And you chose the wrong side. Now I have came for my revenge.”

Suddenly an arrow pierced into my leg and felt the weight of a large being on top of me. His face did not exist. It was blank, void of features. How could he see, how could he smell, or hear. It was a complete nothingness. Pure evil if I had ever seen it.

“I am done Sandman.” Lucian said from a distance.

“You are done when I say you are done.”

“You promised me Rebecca, where is she?”

“In due time, son, in due time.”

“I am not your son, I am no one’s son.” An arrow shot through The Sandman’s shoulder and stopped an inch from my face.

I pushed with all I had and sent the Sandman flying. He landed three feet away in a pile of wet boxes. Then I saw it, a glowing from a table a few feet away. I made a bolt for it, limping and dragging one leg.

“Where is Cassie?” I yelled.

“I told you she is with my brother, and your father. If she was a good girl.”

Suddenly I realized that Cassie was dead. There was nothing I could do but get revenge. Then I heard two gunshots and saw Kyle running through the sprinkler rain. He fired two more shots the landed in the center of the Sandman’s chest.

“Alan are you okay?” Kyle screamed as he approached the scene.

“Kyle get back!”

The Sandman threw his hand into the air and Kyle flew fifteen feet into a shelf. He lay there unconscious, water hitting his face.

“I don’t understand.”
“I planned for millennia to take over that kingdom. And stopped me.”

I felt his fist in my back. I flew into the table. His foot landed behind my knee sending me to the concrete floor.

I saw a glowing next to me. My blade was with in reach, just next to my hand. I slid my finger across the blade and blood trickled to the ground.

“Lucian get Kyle out of here.”

My wings, I haven’t used them in years, shot out of my back and I lifted into the air. The black feathers dripped with cold water. I looked down on the faceless man, The Sandman. Lightning shot from my fingers striking metal all around me.

Lucian scooped up Kyle. His eyes now open and on me as I floated above floor, bright lights shooting from my hands. I needed The Blade. I turned and fell, swooping like a hawk on a mission to snatch a field mouse. I grabbed the knife and sent it to the sheath and shot back into the air. Suddenly I was hit with a shelf that had flown through the air.

Laying on the ground looking up at The Sandman, his face saying nothing, emotionless, cold.

“She is gone forever. That is your punishment Alan. Live with that for eternity. And you won‘t stop The Happening.”

I shot a bolt from my hand. It struck a transformer that set of a loud explosion and a chain reaction. His attention diverted I jammed the blade into the only spot I could reach, his inner thigh of his right leg.

An open window at the far end of the warehouse shown red and blue lights flashing. Unfortunately it was my only escape. My wings beat with all the energy I will. The Sandman fell to the floor clutching his leg as the building came down around him. Mounds of rumble consuming his very being. I left him there to die a slow death. I hadn’t hit a vital point on him, his head or his heart but it would infect him slowly killing him as he lay paralyzed.


White walls and the smell of sterilizer filled my nostrils. Next to me stood my friend Marty and my assistant Phoebe. He blond hair glistened fluorescent glow of the hospital.

“We nearly lost you,” Marty said. “You have to stop using that blade on yourself.”

“Sir, you had me worried,” Phoebe said, leaning down and pecking me on the cheek.

“How is the detective?”

“He’ll be fine. I’m sure left with a lot of questions.”

“And what about Cassie?”

Phoebe placed her hand on my hand. “I’m sorry. She hasn’t been located but a torture chamber was found in the basement of the warehouse…” she paused. “There was a lot of blood.”

I couldn’t breathe. “At least I got the bastard.”

Marty looked at me, his face solemn, “They didn’t recover The Sandman. The was no body.”

I saw red, “Phoebe, find me Lucian Green. And any information on The Happening.”


Valerie and Bradley exited François’s Bistro on 5th. He leaned in pecked her on the cheek. What could be so important about this girl? This human. It made no difference to him, Samuel had a job to do.

His green slimy skin glistened in the moon light as they drew closer to him. And when he caught the mans scent his eyes glowed red.


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