Adrenaline and Worms

I have just recently completed the second edit of “Worms” a creature horror screenplay and ready to start a rewrite. I have forgotten how much i love the screenplay format and plan to do more.

As for now I have been working on a new series of short stories. A vigilante hero facing big bads in each installment. I love the superhero genre but like to keep it based somewhat in reality like a Punisher or even Nolan’s Batman. “Adrenaline” is a hero with no powers but the addiction to thrill seeking that leads him to fighting crime for a high, but soon finds himself fighting for more than that.

I love creating universes for characters to live in almost as much as i like to create the characters themselves. Sometimes i find myself engrossed in the task of laying out plot points and get sidetracked from writing. It’s what I love about Serial Fiction.

Anyway, keep an eye out for all this stuff. I’m thinking of doing something special for my one of my followers once i complete the re-write for “Worms”.


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