Hardboiled is a project I am on which I am working.

PREMISE: Nick Lowe is a hard nosed PI living in post war St. Louis. His cases range from missing children to cheating spouses to insurance fraud. Life ain’t half bad for a washed up copper turned private dick. The only problem is he isn’t real, he is the work of writer Thomas Goodchild and Thomas has decided to kill him off and retire. That is until Thomas wakes up one morning in post WWII St. Louis as Nick himself, and finds himself fighting for his life and the life of his character in a world of mobsters and Femme Fatales.  

GENRE: hardboiled detective, noir, fantasy, dark comedy

A new man is wrapping up (only a couple posts left) so I am thinking of starting a new mystery series. Tell me what you think, is it interesting?

(found the photo on google images and I forgot to see where it was from)


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