A-to-Z challenge complete


It’s official, I battled my way through the challenge, sometimes feeling defeat was merely a letter away. But alas my persistent aching to finish this challenge won out and I am a survivor.

I learned much about myself and about others in this process and am thankful I completed it. I cannot describe the feeling of accomplishment that I have, I feel I can do anything.

So with this behind me it is time to look to the future.  Things to come on my blog will be the exciting conclusion of the serial novel A New Man here, and the conclusion of the screenplay Batting a Thousand here.

After these conclusions I will be focusing on other installments for the serial Sci fi fantasy The Perfect 200 here, and the dystopia serial zombie thriller D Days here.

Hope to see you all very soon. And congratulations to all that survived the challenge.


2 thoughts on “A-to-Z challenge complete

  1. Just now catching up on some of my fellow A to Zers. Very creative to create so many poems my friend. I just did two – I live writing silly poems but they do take some time.

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