I am thirsty
Begging for a drink
Of your lips moisture
A moisture that would flood me
Bringing life’s water and
Growing wildflowers in my soul

I am starving
Longing for a touch
of your warming glow
Heating my core and pumping
My blood through my
Heart that is yours

I would rather
Go deaf and never hear another
Bird chirp or a child’s laughter
Than to never hear your whispers
Soft and moist upon my ear

I would rather
go blind and never gaze upon
Another sunset or gracefully arching colors
After a spring rain
Than to to never peer into your
Eyes as they peer into mine

I would rather
Be nothing, lost among a crowd
Standing hid in sight of everyone
Invisible to even myself If I didn’t have you
I am forever yours, asking
Forever me mine


I wrote this a few months back and thought it would be good for the A-to-z challenge letter V. I almost did a character bio on one of my characters from my Perfect 200 page, Valentino, but decided that I wanted to stay with the poems or photography I have done throughout the challenge. Anyway I hope you all enjoy. Happy Friday.


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