Dogwood Morning


the feel of a dogwood morning
screams neither cold nor hot
the air nonexistent
it beckons frolic
a playfall dance
bird song fill welcome ear
speaking to a waiting soul

Todays letter is D, I am not a religious man but I love Dogwood trees. They are the most beautiful tree and they bloom at the best time of year. That time right at the beginning of spring, letting us know the cold is over. My home town lines the streets of downtown with dogwood which bloom and brighten up the artsy shops and cafes. it feels like home to me. (funny I always search my titles through google first and I didn’t know the beautiful painting by Thomas Kinkead of the Dogwood tree was titled Morning Dogwood. normally I would change the title but I like it so I left it.



One thought on “Dogwood Morning

  1. I love dogwoods myself. There is something stunning about them. One of the best trees I climbed as a child was a beautiful dogwood with white flowers. Some of the best days of my life were spent up in that tree.

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