A New Man Part 25

Rain pounded the windshield and cold wind slammed against the side of the car, shaking it so hard that Jacob thought it might come out of the parking spot and into the street. Cars flew by him at a surprising rate for a residential neighborhood. Leafless Oak trees lined both sides of the street and sidewalks separated the trees from the lawns of the home on the right side of the road, the side where Jacob sat in his car, drinking his piping hot Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

The two story brick apartment building looked similar to Grahams Grandmothers place. But a little nicer. The website said that he lived on the second floor of the apartment and if Jacob was correct he could see right inside through a window in the living room. But at ten o’clock every light in the apartment was off and he couldn’t be sure that Roger was even at home. What would a twenty six year old be doing on a Monday night in a town this small? Jacob soon got his answer.

A blue Honda CBR pulled up onto the sidewalk across the street and up the walk until the rider brought it to a stop near the front steps. He threw his leg over and in a surprising turn the rider ran out to the street and looked both ways. Is he going to cross the street? If he does he will be running right toward Jacobs door.

Cars keep coming by and the rider can’t cross. He appears to be looking for his opportunity, judging the speed of the passing cars. He places his foot into the street and makes his way into the street his head down and running against the wind blown rain. Jacob watches as it pounds against the visor of his helmet.

Shit! He is headed right for the car door.

The Rider runs around the front of the car, touching the hood in an attempt to judge its location. Then he stops right on the sidewalk.

Jacob takes a sip of his coffee to appear inconspicuous. The rider never looks at Jacob, he keeps his back turned to the car and looks to be walking down the sidewalk away from the car to the rear. Jacob follows him in the mirror.

What is he doing?

Then the rider stops and reaches into his pocket and fishes around for something. What is he getting?

Hands clutching the seat, he reaches behind and him and pulls out his Glock, just in case.

Whatever it he is digging for comes out of his pocket and Jacob can’t see it, it’s small.

Jacob sees something he didn’t see before, a large metal wall of mail boxes. The rider places a key in one of the boxes, opens it and pulls out his mail. He then makes his way back across the street.

Just then a car pulls to a stop on the opposite side of the street. It is a small green BMW. A petite blond steps out into the rain. The rider, a gentleman, stands under the awning of the apartment waiting for the girl to make her way up the walk. As he pulls off his helmet Jacob knows he is the right guy, his six foot one eighty frame and bright blond hair are a give away, he looks like a Norse god standing there. Jacob could see why the ladies love him so much.

After further inspection of Mr. Ericsson’s record he realized that RE might not have got the raw deal after all. Three times he had been charged with statutory rape and plead out every time. He didn’t mess with really young girls but he was a pedophile non-the-less. These girls were all fifteen or sixteen. Non older than that. If the truth where to be known there were probably several more that hadn’t come forward, they were in most cases able to make a decision, albeit maybe not a rational one. Most were probably embarrassed by what they had done, never telling anyone.

In fact the girl walking up the walk to the apartment couldn’t have had her license more than a couple days. Her blond hair whipped in the cold wind as she pulled her Ralph Lauren jacket up around her neck. He not only had a compulsion for young girls they apparently had to be from money as well.

Jacob began to see a trend that fit into the Haley scenario pretty well. She was young, petite, and definitely had money.

A musty odor filled his nostrils as he stepped into the hallway of the apartment, he first thought it was the smell of mothballs but he noticed the doors had a moist film on them. A glaze of beaded water sat on the metal doors and the building felt like a dungeon. Two doors lined each side of the hallway, it appeared there were four apartments per floor. A staircase to the back of the hallway led up to the second floor.

As Jacob’s Chuck Taylor Converses hit the second step a creek echoes down the hallway. He stops. Reaches for the dark walnut stained railing, his hand gliding up and taking easy steps so as to not alert anyone to his presence. His feet step lightly but with every step comes a loud long creek. Now he starts to think that the slow stair climb may be more suspicious than some one aimlessly climbing the stairs.

When he reached the top of the stairs he peeks under the banister. Seeing nothing but an empty hallway he finishes his creaky climb. 2d. The hallway runs back to the front of the apartment building, and big window faces the street and Jacob’s car. 2d is up ahead on the left.

Jacob made his way to the door, carefully checking his peripheral from time to time. He can’t be too cautious. He raises his hand ready to knock. Just as his hand is about to come down he hears a shriek from inside the room. Jacob reaches behind his back and pulls the Glock and raises his leg to kick in the door.


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