A cool breeze slapped my bare cheek as the scent of early spring dew filled my nostrils. Leaves rustling was drowned out by a humming, slight droning hum like something spinning. Confused i attempted to find my bearings. Where was I, how had I gotten here?

I was wet, why, I wasn’t sure. My hand stumbled across the ground looking for what might the culprit. Tall dry uneven grass is all my fingers touched. Their jagged edge rubbing my fingers like a serrated bread knife.

My face lay pressed hard against the ground, legs trembling from an unknown force giving all it had to push me deep into the earth. Thinking that I hoped my legs worked I tried to move my toes and to an elation of a two year old on christmas morning, they moved with relative ease.

Still on a mission to discover the origin of the dampness I gave a deep inhale and smelled the fermented yeast. It must be beer. Was I drinking, I never drink and drive. It couldn’t be mine.

I moved my hand underneath my nearly limp body until I found my back pocket. I had to call 911. I fumbled until I couldn’t locate my phone. What I did find however gave me comfort. The photograph I carried in my right front pocket. The picture of her.

I had to get out from underneath this beast of a car and find her, last thing I remembered was her lips touching the crystal wine glass as she said yes.


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