At Death’s Door: A D-days story part 7

Liam – 6 Months ago
“What am I looking at?”

“In simple terms, Mr. President, it is the end of the world as we know
it.”  Liam moved in next to the president and placed his eye upon an
identical white microscope. Its cool metal felt good on his skin and
the smell of the sterile room pleased him to no end. But what his eyes
peered was not so comforting, in fact it gave him pause. How was he
about to explain his actions, actually the actions of his entire team
of researchers. The thought of the retribution he would face stirred in
his mind as he looked down at the tiny amoeba shaped creature that he
stared at through the lens. Its minuscule spikes reaching out and
grabbing cells and pulling them in and overtaking them, swallowing them
whole like an anaconda and spitting them out in a mirror image of

“Well what is it exactly  Dr. Russell?”

“That Mr. President is 1670.”

“I thought 1670 was a g-nome project?”

“It was, sir, was.”

Charlton moved back from the microscope and took a seat in a rolling
computer chair. “I backed this program Liam, against my better judgment
I might add. I took a hard hit from my constituents because you
convinced me that it could save lives.”

“Sir, it was supposed to. I couldn’t have predicted this outcome.”

“Destroy it. NOW,” He stood and headed for the door. Then stopped.
“Susan, I expect you owe me. I only did this because it was something
near and dear to your heart.”

She said nothing.

“Mr. President, you don’t understand,” Liam hesitated, the pause gave the mountian of a man an opportunity.

He flew across the room and got in Liam’s face. The brim of his large
cowboy hat touching Liam on the forehead. “I am going to say this one
time. I do not care what you have to do you little twerp, I WILL NOT
loose this country on my watch, do you understand me. I will witness
the downfall of this great nation because some fucked up god-less man
and woman decided it was up to them to choose when people live and die.
It is His call not mine, not yours and certainly not a swimmers choice.”

“The world,” it was all he could postulate.


“Margot. Dr. Margot Grey.”

“I do not follow, she is your partner, what does she have to do with anything?”

“Two days ago she disappeared. I went to her room to wake her. We were
to discuss what to do with 1670, how to destroy it and move on, she was
no where to be found.”

“You are a hundred miles from anywhere, did you send out the guards, contact authorities to look for her?”

“Yes and to no avail. My only assumption can be that she had someone meet her outside the facility compound and left.”

“So, she met a lover, got tired of the confinment. We will find her, hush this and be done.”

Liam plopped down in the chair that the president had abandoned. “It
would be nice if that was all it was. She took the D-virus with her.”

“Death Virus. We dubbed it that because it will be the death of the planet. No living creature will survive. One hundred percent destruction.”

The president removed his hat to run his hand through his hair and turned back toward the door. “How long Dr.?”

“Less than a couple weeks it will be a widespread pandemic, if she has released it.”

“There has been a few strange cases of a flu like virus in St. Louis.”

Liam knew it was her, she had been born and raised there.

“The first case was a Jane Doe who stumbled into cafe covered in white boils and burning with fever.”

He knew it was no Jane Doe, It was Margot Grey.


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