Eating Games


Granite rose from browning grass, and multicolored leaves lay strewn about the ground. Bleachers sat in a semicircle around a table which sat atop a stage. Brisk fall air floated damp in the moonlight as they begin to fill the makeshift stadium. Ashwood Cemetery would seem a likely place for a competition, especially since it was an eating competition.

Flyers had been hung all over neighborhoods and websites and blogs were inundated with advertisements, if one knew where to look, it wasn’t just out there for every average joe to stumble upon.

The WDCEA (World Demon Competitive Eating Association) were trying to hype this particular competition, it was in fact their 1000th anniversary and it was the first year 28 time winner,Willamiester, known to his fans and around the circuit simply as Willy, wasn’t competing.

WDCEA’s scandals over the millennia haven’t helped the competition, but the associations officials hope this competition will help rectify any doubts that these demons are true athletes, some able to consume up to fifteen human bodies.

Willy’s alabaster “skin” glistened in the moonlight, absorbing even the most minute amount of light, amplifying it and throwing it out like a lightbulb. He resembled a large glowworm. Ragged teeth line his deep mouth, in rows, like a shark. Some believe this has been his key for success over the last 1000 years, Willy jokes that it simply was “years of practice eating delectable human flesh,”

He takes his seat as a judge at a small table across from the table which held four various horned green demons. It was the first time all the contestants were from the same race. Large bowls sit in front of all four contestants on scales.

“Ready your belly’s for a long delicious battle!” Willy screams. He takes a small mallet and hits a tiny bell and the demons begin gobbling up the humans, the packed stadium begins to root for their favorite athlete. And blood ran from the table and dripped unto the brown dead grass of the cemetery.


2 thoughts on “Eating Games

    • Haha, yes probably so. I believe he probably would take time to make you really delectable, maybe serve you to a group of friends with a nice salad and bottle of merlot perhaps. 😉

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