New Man Part 13

Jacob was headed back to highway sixty-one when his phone rang. His eyes diverting from the slick road only for a second to see the name on the caller ID. It was the number he recognized as being Kelsey’s. He slowed to stop in the middle of the gravel road and picked up the phone. He didn’t think it a good idea to end up in a ditch.

“Hello Nathan Collins.”

The voice came through sweet and caring, “Hello?”, and surprised.


“Well I must say after waking this morning to find you absent from my bed I didn’t really expect to hear from you.”

“I’m sorry to say that it isn’t personal, but rather business.” Jacob let the words fall a little, expecting to hear yelling or cussing or both.

“Have you had lunch?”

Jacob thought about it and looked at his watch. How on earth could it be nearly two o’clock already. It seemed like only a few minutes ago he was eating his biscuits that Gayle had brought him. And at the mention of food his stomach growled and nearly rattled the car.

“Actually I could eat.”

“I’ve got a couple things I’ve got to tie up but if it isn’t pressing I could meet with you in an hour at May Belle’s Diner in the town square.”

Jacob thought for a moment and agreed. It would give him time to ask Jordyn a few questions first. He pulled the tiny car onto the highway and felt it slide slightly on the ice covered road. The sky seemed to open up and laugh at Jacob. The snow had begun to fall harder now, covering the tracks that he had laid on his way in.


Jordyn sat on the corner of the sofa next to her mother, who by her looks had to have been very young when she gave birth to Jordyn. Her skin appeared smooth and her eyes were tight. The skin under her chin lay close to her neck and remained where it was supposed to be. She was thin, but not a rail. Her muscular thighs looked as though she did hours of dance everyday. She had her long blonde hair pulled back into a tight ponytail that sat back on the top of her head, she wore black spandex pants and running shoes. The white t-shirt she wore, however, appeared to be slightly big and hid her upper body completely. Brooke made the women from those Real Housewives shows look plain.

Jacob would have thought she had had ‘work’ done but he looked at her hands and they too were smooth and wrinkle free. He had noticed in his years that women fix their face and the boobs, sometimes their ass but he had yet to meet one that fixed her hands. So he had learned to judge a person by the wrinkles on their hands, and Brooke had none. She was as natural as one could get.

Her living room was tiny, just like the rest of the house. It wasn’t like Jerry’s or Seth’s. This house could be no more than one thousand square feet and at most three tiny bedrooms. Bedrooms the size of jail cells. It wasn’t a clutter but it wasn’t tidy either. A few misplaced items and a few dirty dishes in the sink. It looked as though she had too much stuff for such a small house.

She patted her daughter on the head and said, “Be a dear and answer any of Mr. Collins’ questions.”


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