Proud Papa

As a father it humbles me to have my daughter what to be like me.  She has always had aspirations to achieve the goals that I have for myself as well. As a parent I always wish our children better than us, to achieve their own dreams. I don’t want her to struggle in life, living the life of a starving artist. I want her to be a doctor or a lawyer, business owner or ceo, something where she won’t have to worry about money.

However with that being said I want her to be creative and happy as well. She has started showing an interest in writing short stories and poetry, and today she wrote an acrostic poem. I have to say it was very good. So it has left me with troublesome thought. I must be supportive. Above all else I should push her to achieve her goals. I believe that it is better to be happy in life than work at a job she hates making tons of money but hate everyday. If she loves to write she should. My job is to make sure she is the best she can be at whatever she decides to do.

One proud (but scared) papa!


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