At Deaths Door Part 3


Chapter 3 – Dr. Liam Russell 6 months ago

Sue Anne’s beauty was stunning to say the least. Her hair flipped out in a bob cut, black and the bangs lay off to the side of her rounded face with a white silk scarf she used as a head band. Her forty four years looked more like thirty four and the form fitting grey skirt suit showed her athletic body. Liam had heard the stories of her swimming days in college and the fact that she turned down a spot on the Olympic team to campaign with her husband when he ran for governor of Colorado at the ripe young age of twenty five.

He, Charleston Adams, had played the card of quintessential all-American boy to a tee. A rough neck mix of Ronald Reagan’s conservatism and John Kennedy’s personality and good looks. There was neither a woman on the planet who didn’t want to bed him nor a man on the planet who didn’t want to be him. And Liam felt a little uneasy as he saw him walking down his hall at the Lab for Bio-weapons headed for the worst news any modern leader has had to face.

“Liam, pal, whatcha got for me?” The president said as he reached his hand forward and with a smile his teeth shined white, as bright as the stark white walls. He would have seemed like your everyday Joe with his inexpensive suit and white Stetson cowboy hat. He would have, if not for the five guards surrounding him with Uzi’s and ear buds in the their ears, talking into their hands.

Liam eased his hand forward, gently taking the Presidents massive hand, like he was handing him a dead fish.

As President Adams passed Liam he patted him on the shoulder, “No need to be nervous, just tell me what we got and what we got to do to fix it.”

Sue Anne followed her husband, quiet and graceful, she appeared to be only along for the ride. It was hard for Liam to see the woman who had shown such power and dominance against her competitors be so quiet and subdued.

Liam saw his future and the future of the planet walking out the down. It left that bio-weapon facility with, by what Liam could only surmise, his form assistant and lover, Margret Grace.


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