First Sight

30 day writing challenge. Day 8, write about the superhero from day seven before they had powers. Got kinda sneaky on this one. Enjoy!


White padded room, nonsense, Preston’s cell was being locked in his mind, never seeing the outside world. Wondering what a flower really looked like, wondering what could be so beautiful that the birds would want to sing. What in God’s name did the human face actually look like? He had used his hands to feel the faces of people since he was a small boy. His mother said he had been born with eyesight but an tragic accident took his sight when he had been only three months old.

“Move your hand up and down,” Dr. Leonard repeated. “This time I want you really concentrate on what signals your sending to your hand as you do it.”

“But I did,” Preston replied. “I do every time.”

“The computer is not picking it up for some reason.”

“Maybe I am not the right candidate for this procedure.”

“Don’t be silly, Preston, you’re doing great.”

Preston tried again, just like every time Dr. Leonard requested. He thought really hard about moving his hand as he performed the motion.

“Yes! Thats it! You did it son.” He could hear the excitement in the doctor’s voice and he could hear him jumping around the room, but just as always, Preston could see nothing. Nothing at all.


“Hold still, Preston, you are going to feel a slight pinch then it will all be over.”

Preston knew what Dr. Leonard meant by that statement however ominous it sounded. He was promised within the next two to three weeks he would have something he had never had in his cognitive past. He had dreamed of what things looked like but he doubted that it was true. There were things that sighted people take for granted, like they actually know what the color red looks like. He was forced to use his imagination from what was described to him and so therefore it made if very subjective.

Pain shot through him in an instant. Pinch my ass, he thought.

“All done,” Dr. Leonard said.

Preston could hear every thing, but couldn’t move. He felt numbness through his entire body. Soon the medicine wold wear off and he would be in extreme pain. He knew this but he had know idea how much pain, and not even physical pain.


The first thing he did was look at a book. It was a children’s book, but it was a book. It was a book of colors. Now he knew what red looked like. He also knew what an ostrich and a cow and dog and cat looked. He knew what a people and cars and robots looked like.

But he also knew now what war and famine and the evils of man looked like. Watching the news so soon after the surgery was probably a bad idea.

“I promise it will get better, Preston.” Dr. Leonard had reassured him on many occasions. It hadn’t seemed to help, however, and the fact that a man had started coming to visit on a regular basis.

The first time he saw the outside he went to the “yard” with Dr. Leonard. The large area was surrounded by high fences looking out into a forest on all four sides, he was on an island in a sea of trees. However beautiful it was the fences made it feel like a prison. The Man had never been questioned when he came through the only gates in fence. The Man was the only one that Preston ever saw make it through the gate and they automatically open, this lead Preston to believe that The Man was someone important.

This worried Preston once The Man handed him his first rifle and had him begin target practicing.

“I’m not comfortable killing people,” Preston said. “I know I promised I would help, but this is not what I had in mind.”

“It is what he had in mind when he made the offer to give you your sight back,” Dr. Leonard said.

“I don’t want to be like those people I see on t.v., murdering for money.”

Preston made a decision that moment he would not see another day inside those transparent walls.


Preston focused through the scope, watching his breathing like The Man had taught him. He focused on the, neck. He was going to shoot him right in the throat. That lying voice box that always promised him it would all be alright. That his sight would not be so overwhelming once he got used to it. Every breath a lie.

As he gently pulled the trigger he and felt the kick of the gun against his shoulder he knew that he was forever changed. He would never be the innocent Preston that he had once been. He had better than perfect vision and he saw all the red that he could stand as he watched the bullet slice effortlessly through the neck, shattering the spine and shutting down all organ function of Dr. Richard Leonard.

From now on, Preston Eagle would be known as Eagle Eye.



5 thoughts on “First Sight

    • Thank you, I know the challenge was to write about the superhero before they had powers, and technically I did, but I thought that the story of Eagle Eye was the more interesting one. Also being a comic book nerd I’ve always liked how the hero in some way has a hand in creating his nemesis , so I thought I would turn it on its head and make it the villain that creates the hero, in a twisted sort of way.

      • That’s what I love about creative writing- being the creator. You did an awesome job. I really enjoyed it. I’ve never been into comics much but I’m thinking I should give them an honest try.

      • I really like them, honestly they are, at their core, human stories. That may be reading into them way more than normal, but they are. The good ones anyway.

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