30 day writing challenge day 6, start a story with “He glanced at his watch impatiently….”

He glanced at his watch impatiently waiting for the hand, which had seemed to slow to a stop, to move. Six o’clock, he was certain that was when they were to meet. But she wasn’t here yet and once that torturous hand moved she would be a full hour late. Abby was never late.

His eyes left the watch and scanned the restaurant, appealing to his senses, begging them to pull him away from that hideous watch, that gold Rolex that screamed his social status like blaring through a bullhorn. He hated that watch more and more with every second that reluctantly passed.

“Sir, I need to ask you to order something,” the waitress said as she approached the table. “If not you’re going to need to give up your table. We have reservations to fill.”

“I’m sorry just waiting on a friend, it would be rude to order without her.”

“You’re welcome to wait at the bar, then i’ll squeeze you in a table once she arrives.”

Makers Mark sat in front of him on the rocks, his hand fumbling his phone that sat silent in his pocket. He sipped his drink slowly until his eyes floated to a small screen above the bar. It was a helicopter shot of an intersection. Two cars sat in the middle, intertwined until they almost became one.

Leaving a twenty on the bar he stood and made his way to the front door if the restaurant, wondering the whole way, what would he tell his children.


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