Cross Cut: Alex Cross Fan Fiction

So I have decided to take another challenge. I found so much enjoyment in the 30 day poetry challenge that I have decided to take the 30 day writing challenge. Day 2 is Fan Fiction. Not a fan of Fan Fiction but I did my best with a character that I have loved for years. I know it is cheesy mindless read but there is something about this character I love. Enjoy.

Silver caught a glint of sunlight peeking through a cracked window and threw it across the nearly barren room. In fact the only inhabitants of the room were a stack of National Geographic magazines from the 1980‘s and dust from around the same time. I saw the knife and made my way, careful not to step on any evidence that might be laying about.

Sampson stood behind me, my best friend and always watching my back, guarding the door. He should have been long gone but I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the burned out car in the front yard. I couldn’t wait on backup to arrive so I went in, Glock drawn. I also doubted that Alice was here, and even if she was she wouldn’t be alive.

Thats when I heard the shot from the snipers rifle. As I swung around I saw the mountain of a man laying in the door way, clutching his side. Leviticus hadn’t missed, he hit directly where he was aiming. He doesn’t miss. But he had no reason to kill Sampson. He was a good man.

I bolted for the knife with disregard for any evidence at this point. I needed cover and that knife. As my hand touched the hilt, I noticed the rusty colored blood stains on the blade. Alice, in fact, was already dead.

Then I noticed the white paper flapping in a gentle breeze. It lay under the knife. Hand scribbled on the paper that simply said, “hello Dr. Cross”. It was handwriting I recognized. Handwriting I didn’t like. Handwriting that I knew belonged to Kyle Craig.


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