I wish that everyone could see the beauty WE ALL possess.

Unknown is the attraction
I see your Beauty from a distance
Unknown is the allure you possess
Forbidden I am to even ponder the possibilities of breath on my ear
What might seem strategic perfection is only a ruse
Your natural beauty breath taking
Like Helen, you
cause worlds to collide

You set peaceful in my mind with lips sweet and plump like an overripe plum
Your eyes never turning my direction
Face instead perched, fixed to some distant object you no longer desire
What makes me see you?
I believe it is your innocence
Kind and gentle
Yet your bashful heart knows no kindness, for his words are like heavy water slowly pulling you down

Unknown is the charm
Longing to see the smile across the room makes the unbearable tolerable
Unknown is your greatness, for
You believe you are nothing
You are Unknown to yourself
For if you knew these things
we all would be at your mercy


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