This why I am falling in love with poetry. I’ve only begun this journey, as most can surely tell. But I wrote this one and let my wife read it, she says “wow that is scary, are you okay?” Now I was taken aback by this as I didn’t under stand what she meant.
You see my wife knows my religious beliefs and was confused by the poem.
After her explanation I realized that it very well could mean what she thought it meant, I however was going somewhere entirely different with it.
If some of you would place a comment to let me know what the poem meant to you, i would love it.
This is twofold, one am I clear in meaning or is poetry an individual experience.

Thank you,


Heart beats of thunder
Gazing upon wicked,
Beautiful, scary, wonder

I peer a flight through clear melted sand
That of which
Would frighten any man

Just out of reach lies a grand kingdom
A universe of unbound wisdom

Appearing perfect on the other side
Grass of green so emerald
Awesome so grand that all would herald

In murky water my world small and confined
A figment of my lonesome mind

My castle small upon rainbow pebbles Constrained by insecurities
In a fishbowl free of scrutinies

Should be easy to leap from this prison
And look upon where i’ve been
Look at that bowl and see how i’ve risen

From the waters we grew legs
and upon the land we crawled
Why not grow wings the question begs

I look around this world of damp
And see the plastic flowers
hideous sight i can’t wait to decamp



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