Truth is a Bitch


Truth is a bitch

pads of lilies floating upon
The murky pond of my mind
Navigating a water mine field
unstable and tongue unkind

I’ve quelled the desire
to ingress your being
strife you could not persevere
Friend to lean on you were seeing

verisimilitude that I care more
You know better, my affection is for another
Disguises hid beneath a layer of insecurities
Her body has bore my children their mother

Honesty in the eyes of the observer
Tickles a tickling itch
Truth isn’t truth when its imagined
Truth is a lying bitch


4 thoughts on “Truth is a Bitch

    • Thank you sooo much. I try to leave a piece of me on every page. What ever i am feeling at that moment comes out.

      I love your stuff as well. Thanks again for the kind words.

    • Thank you Tony, that seems to be my style. I’m frank. I believe you commented something similar before.
      I leave it all out on the page. Whatever i feel i try to put into words. Sort of therapy for me.

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