A Face In The Cloud


I gazed upon your face
It lay abreast a cloud
Could it have been you?
Watching me?

Doppelgänger of the soul
I’ve been told I’m a lot like you
Artistic, funny, charismatic

Your head stood gray
Storms, storms raging inside
Eyes ragged with bolts
I have your darkness too?

Are you the principle to my pain
THE why I cannot breathe at times?
Are you every little knife
that twists and rips and tears

cirrocumulus stark against the sky
Its edges cut along the blue
Defiant of a heavenly plan
Hiding the rainbows promise

Floating in the heavens
Raining hell down on earth
This disease that is yours
I would gladly return

Take it
Want it i do not
Its gift
An everlasting curse

My only wish, this is your legacy
And not mine to give
My fear is to be seen
As a face in the cloud


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