Smell of hotdogs
Crackerjacks and beer
It always gets me
every time i’m here

The battle ground green
The diamond is brown
Everyone knows
The best game in town

90 mile an hour fastball
Will go out of the park
Take some off the slider
And the batters in the dark

Crack of the bat
Pop of the glove
45,000 people
All feeling the love

Some cities have their teams
I know this is true
Chicago has the cubs, but
From the first pitch of the season they’re already through

New york has the yanks
And yeah they are great
But your salary compares
to the budget of a small state

There are more I know its so
but its nothing like a day at the yard
When you can proudly say
“Yeah, i’m a CARD”

Whimsical poem from a cardinal fan!


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