Outside My Window

Outside my window the sky darkens
Mighty gods blow Grey clouds
Pushing them from their land
These gods and clouds bring promise of changing weather

Outside my window the sun wages war to illuminate the heavens
Black sky briefly lights as sparks from clashing swords sends sparks streaking

Outside my window I can hear the war cries of warriors as loud crashing BOOMS, and
Their battle hymns echo throughout the hills

Outside my window the suns tears fall in a melodic rhythm that makes the horror somehow peaceful
The crystal clear pureness of those tears wash over the land, cleansing

Outside my window the battle softens and the tears slow. My gods breath blow strong moving the clouds to a distant land. Their sun must wage his own war

Outside my window a robin, with her red breast puffed, Bathes in a puddle
Trees and grass drink
I chuckle to myself
Out of that war came a new beginning and a continuing of life



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