The frigid winds are not quite forgotten
Icy north winds still blow
Held tight in the bondage chains of our domain
Constricted in our desires for play
The blossom of something new
Something fresh, of unknown smells invading our being
Cool showers wash over happy lovers
Bound together by profound possibilities sharing a single dream of wrapping arms and tangled limbs
Barren lands begging to sprout new life and have those love flowers plucked
Love flourishes and grows
Its reproduction in overdrive brought on by a natural chemical desire
Bodies can not help but touch
For it is in the air, a slight warming that arouses the senses
Her tenderness and beauty are equaled by no other
And her gifts are plenty if only for a brief moment
How i long for you
For your gentle touch upon my skin
For your slightly warmed breath against my cheek
For i know that these are the beginning signs of beautiful things to come
Oh how i love the sound of your name
as it leaves my mouth
So sweet to only speak once


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