Who Weeps For The Willow

Who weeps for the Willow

She stands alone like a matriarch
Peering into the eyes of her home
Drooping limbs hang in a sadden glare at The things she has seen
Generation upon generation she has held a watchful gaze
Children have played war under her petticoat of hanging limbs only to never return from a war they never asked to fight
Through the window she has witnessed love begin and love end
She has held silent as the years have passed and weathered her seemly unbreakable spirit
She has seen life begin and seen souls taken to their final place
Through countless seasons she has left her leafy tears scattered about that grand yard, yet
Dark clouds loom overhead
And the days grow fewer for the old willow.
As the last tear drops from her ragged face
I can’t help but wonder
Who will weep for the willow



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